Newcomers & Next Steps

newcomers3Every weekend, our Welcome Team is out to meet our newcomers, hoping to help each of you make a personal connection at our church. They’re also honored to pray with you if needed and answer any questions about our faith and our church. They can be found out in the lobby or courtyard wearing a “Welcome” lanyard in between each of our weekend services.


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No matter how many steps you’ve taken following Jesus, there’s always a next step. Offered twice per quarter, Next Steps lets YOU choose where to focus your personal spiritual development as it’s designed for every stage of a believer’s walk. Kicking off our time together in the Auditorium, we split off to attend two workshops, gathering y’all back up for some grub in the middle! Childcare & Children’s programming is also provided.

Find out when our next-Next Steps is on our calendar (Events Page)

Workshops Have Included Topics Like:

  • Following Jesus: Kicking the Tires of Faith
  • Developing a Healthy Prayer Life
  • Making Sense of the Bible
  • Designed on Purpose: What are Spiritual Gifts
  • Designed for a Purpose: What’s My Spiritual Gift(s)
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Committing to Stone Ridge
  • Mentoring: Getting Started
  • Sharing Your Faith: Conquering the Fear

We’re so excited about the NEXT STEPS we’ll be taking together! We hope you’ll join us!