Stone Ridge Elders

Sometimes Stone Ridge is described as an “Elder-led” or “Elder-driven” church. More accurately, we are an “Elder-protected” church. What does that mean? Our Elders help protect us in at least three areas:

1. They provide accountability for the Senior Pastor and Staff by prayerfully asking the hard questions about what our church is doing and why.
2. They oversee the church finances by watching our giving and expenses, along with our budgeted plans for each year.
3. They spiritually protect the church by responding to questions and concerns from the congregation as well as maintaining spiritual discipline when necessary.

In these areas, our Elders work hard to help us stay Biblical and financially integrous. While their main role is not to provide leadership, they work closely with our pastors and staff to help assure that we are moving forward together in the direction that God wants us to go.

The Bible, especially in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, gives specific requirements for Elders. We are committed to having Elders who meet that standard. The seriousness of their responsibility as well as the need to keep raising up more Godly leaders means that Elders serve terms (normally four years), then rotate off. They can be chosen to serve again after stepping away for two years.

We are so grateful for the team of Elders God has currently entrusted us to! Here’s our lineup in no particular order:


Dwain Frazer

Josue Duran

Curtis Pate

Jack Cooper 16

Brian Thompson 16

Bart Owens 16

Jacob Zack 16

Larry Deason 16

Jeff Calhoon 16

Don Werley 16

Brian Ross 2