Next Steps

There's always a next step.

Next Steps

Sunday, May 21st
SRC Auditorium
No matter how many steps you’ve taken following Jesus, there’s always a next step.  Designed for every stage of a believer’s walk, Next Steps lets YOU choose where to focus your personal development.  We will begin our time together in the auditorium, then split off to attend two workshops and come together for some dinner in the middle.
Childcare & Children’s programming is also provided.

Check out the great workshops being offered!

  1st Hour Workshops:

  • Following Christ: Kicking the Tires of Faith
  • Making Sense of the Bible 1
  • Prayer Basics: Establishing a Thriving Prayer Life
  • Intro to World Religions
  • Balance – Life inside the family.

  2nd Hour Workshops:

  • Committing to Stone Ridge
  • Making Sense of the Bible 2
  • Sharing Faith
  • Growing as a Leader
  • World Religions – Mormonism


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