Frequently Asked Questions

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A compilation of our most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is available for my children and teenagers?

We have dedicated, caring staff and volunteers who provide children’s programming during our contemporary worship services. In today’s cautious world, we know parents want to ensure the safety of their children. All who work with our minors are screened for criminal records and have references checked. Parents are welcome to “sit in” on their children’s classes to develop confidence in their caretakers. Other children’s activities are available.

Q: Can I come if I’m not sure what I believe about God?

Absolutely! Come-as-you-are also relates to your spiritual condition. We want you to feel the freedom to bring your questions, doubts, and needs with you. Each of us comes to worship with a unique need to hear from God. We have faith that each person will be drawn closer to God through our worsip services.

Q: Do I have to dress up?

We maintain a come-as-you-are attitude at Stone Ridge. You will see people in shorts, jeans, dockers and dresses. Almost everyone dresses casual and comfortable. If you dress “up” you might be the only one.

Q: What kind of church is Stone Ridge?

Stone Ridge was founded in 1945 by Southern Baptists. We maintain a membership in the Southern Baptist Convention. We are, however, a fairly contemporary church in matters of style. We are also a part of the Willow Creek Association – an interdenominational association of thousands of churches around the world who are committed to communicating the timeless Christian message in relevant ways. Our participation in these organizations is voluntary. Decisions about the direction of this church are carefully overseen by a Board of Elders chosen from and by the church membership.