God's Wild Kingdom

Saturday 5:00 pm and Sunday mornings at 9:00 am and 11:00 am


  • Infants — “Whales”
  • Toddlers — “Camels”
  • 3 Year Olds — “Penguins”
  • 4 Year Olds — “Bears”
  • Pre-K — “Giraffes”


Babies & Preschool

  • Personal attention and quality care for our Babies
  • Classes for Toddlers through Pre-K
  • Faith Weaver curriculum
  • Bible Teaching, learning activities, and play during the Saturday and Sunday Worship Services
  • We maintain a low staff-to-child ratio
  • All Children’s Ministry staff have been screened


A Message from Mia, our Preschool Director:

“The biggest reason our rooms are such terrific places for little ones is because so many parents volunteer to help out. Children feel safe and comfortable with a mom or dad who enjoys giving hugs, smiles, and a little comfort when needed. Having enough parent volunteers ensures that each child gets plenty of friendly, personal attention, so our rooms are very happy, enjoyable places for everyone.”

Parent/Child Dedication Interest