Freedom Exchange

SRCʼs Freedom Exchange is a ministry of deep-level emotional healing through prayer. Each of us has had needs that have not been met, especially when we were young. When those needs arenʼt met, a wound is formed. The enemy then comes in with a lie to attach to that wound. The lie can be about ourselves or others, but is usually about God. These lies about God cause fractures in our relationship with Him and we sense the presence of these fractures when we feel God is distant or not listening to our heart cries.

“Freedom Exchange is a prayerful process to remove obstacles between you and God.”

We have been given efficient and effective tools to use in our Freedom Exchange sessions to ask God to reveal these wounds and lies. We forgive the person(s) who caused the wounds and we renounce the lies. We ask God to then reveal the truth and as He does this, the fractures in our relationship with Him are healed and deep-level emotional and spiritual healing occur. Our relationship with each member of the Godhead is restored.

We have watched as God has freed people from many serious emotional issues such as suicide, depression, insecurity, rejection, self-rejection, fears, anger, unforgiveness, sexual sin, addictions, and the effects of witchcraft and the occult.

The Freedom Exchange process is loving, gentle, and respectful at all times. We minister to the person, not their problems. This is not a counseling ministry, though follow-up counseling could be recommended. It is a process that is Biblical, prayerful and God-honoring.

If you are interested in scheduling a Freedom Exchange session or if you would like more information, call Missi at 951-288-1921.