Small Groups


At Stone Ridge we believe Jesus transforms us as we grow together in community. We use small groups as the primary tool to get this accomplished.


A Small Group is a way we foster deeper spiritual growth within our church and deepen our understanding of God…

A message from Pastor Scott, Step 2 Pastor:

Worship happens any time we focus on God and His divine relationships. This often times happens most effectively in the small group setting. Jesus was our example of being a part of small group and the disciples carried on this example in the Acts 2 church. The small group is where fellowship with the Lord and with each other occur. It is where spiritual growth, intimacy, transparency, accountability, and learning to serve occurs. Your greatest growth as a believer is in a small group and I believe everyone should be connected to a loving, healthy small group.

We encourage our Small Group Leaders to hold a Night Of Prayer and Worship once a month with their groups in place of their usual discussion time. We find this time is a powerful way to honor God as we come together to seek His face by reading His word, spending time in individual and group prayer, and lifting Him up in worship together.

Night of Prayer and Worship Leader Training Manual