Young Adults

youngadultsThe Stone Ridge Church young adults ministry ministers to those from the ages of 18-30 years old. We are dedicated to helping young adults transition from one life phase to another. Our ministry consists of several groups that are prepared to meet the needs of those who have just graduated high school, college students, young professionals, young couples,and young families.


Mission: Our mission is to help young adults strengthen their relationship with Christ and promote a Christian world view by:

-Educating young adults IN their faith and ABOUT their faith in purely Bible based studies.

-Teaching young adults to apply scripture to their daily lives.

-Training young adults to have an effective prayer life.

-Guiding young adults in the worship of Christ

-Helping young adults to build relationships within the church and community in order to spread the gospel of Christ.


We want to help young adults get involved in the local church and become an integral part of service to the church and community. We encourage young adults to be discipled by mature Christians.