Stone Ridge Church is a family.  Granted, it’s a BIG family, with lots of people in every age group.  Just like a family living together in one house, part of being family is serving each other.  There are ALWAYS bathrooms to clean, meals to prepare, trash cans to be emptied, and family members to help.  In the same way that most of us learn to love and serve our family in our immediate home environment, we learn to serve our brothers & sisters in Christ at church.

Such serving is basic, but it must never be taken lightly.
Several benefits are derived from serving one another:
  •  Serving helps change our attitude to be more like Jesus.
  • Serving teaches us about responsibility in other areas of life.
  • Serving together helps build healthy relationships.
  • Doing my part makes lighter work for others.
  • Serving joyfully shows the world the love we have for each other.