Our Staff




Tom Burks
Lead Pastor
@SRC Since: 1996
Home State: Oregon
Hobbies: Apple stuff, soccer, Clash of Clans






Scott Little
Associate Pastor
@SRC Since: 1998 (on staff since 2010)
Home State: Colorado
Hobbies: Family, movies, maybe golf






Kathie Haywood
Children’s Ministry
@SRC Since: 2004 (on staff since 2005)
Home State: Michigan
Hobbies: Convertibles, beaches, grandchildren, Chloe the dog






Mia Neely
Preschool Ministry
@SRC Since: 2005 (on staff since 2007)
Home State: American Samoa
Hobbies: Family, playing with grandchildren in the sun, ruling her island






Tag Bender
Youth Ministries
@SRC Since: 1997 (on staff since 2015)
Home State: California
Hobbies: Hunting, camping, adopting an abundance of adorable kids






Ronna Sue Stubbs
Church Administrator
@SRC Since: 2009 (on staff since 2011)
Home State: Michigan
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, spending time with Hubby and grandchildren






Patti Spencer
Senior Pastor’s Assistant
@SRC Since: 2003 (on staff since 2008)
Home State: Arizona
Hobbies: Lot’s of dogs, movies and vacationing






Debbie Tutell
Children/Youth Assistance
@SRC Since: 2000 (on staff since 2006)
Home State: Arizona
Hobbies: Cooking and grandchildren




Emilio Willis


Emilio Willis
Buildings & Grounds Coordinator
@SRC Since: 2007 (on staff since 2014)
Home Country: Mexico
Hobbies: Camping, desert racing, baseball




Nathan Sims *Haircut


Nathan Sims
Technical Arts Director
@SRC Since: 2007 (on staff since 2014)
Home State: Arizona
Hobbies: Playing bass, reading, afternoon naps






Amanda Bogart
Worship Leader
@SRC Since: 2012 (on staff since 2017)
Home State: New York
Hobbies: Math, knitting, sewing and music






Lesa Henderson
Communication Director
@SRC Since: 2012 (on staff since 2017)
Home State: Washington
Hobbies: Hanging with family, baking and reading




MissiMissi Labistre
Children’s Ministry Special Events
@SRC Since: 2009 (on staff since 2017)
Home State: California
Hobbies: Shooting, running, crafting and reading (time is limited for these things with 5 kids!)